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‘I am obssed about tennis and life’

by Sportnews

Roger Federer spoke with CNBC Make about the holidays he has. The Swiss player said: “I know, in my mind, vacations are what keep me sane through the entire crazy process that I go through because I am obsessed about tennis and about life.”

On co-founder Olivier Bernhard said: “We noticed Roger wearing On shoes and reached out to him. That’s when we found out he is a longtime fan of On and, of course, we are longtime fans of his. Switzerland is a small place and we started having dinner together.

It became clear that there was a unique opportunity to forge a joint entrepreneurial path that is very different from an athletic sponsorship that a big company would do. Everyone knows Roger’s a leader in his sport, but as a friendship developed it became clear he is a natural leader and entrepreneur off the court as well.

We value the same things and share a passion for innovation and design. He’s going to be a tremendous addition to team On”. On his partnership with On, Federer concluded: “Even though they were traveling a lot and I was traveling a lot, and we were always trying to connect back together … I just felt that this could really work.

Being close to each other in Switerzland in the future I think is going to be really beneficial as well. The re-inventing and motivating employees and staying humble … I’ve always believed in that in a big way.

I think it’s been a blessing for me to grow up in Switzerland, staying very grounded but then reaching for the stars. I will never forget my roots and I think we share those common values and I think it’s going to be a wonderful partnership”.

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